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1924 - 1946

Walter Burman

Walter Burman was one of the founders of the game of rugby football in Manitoba. Although he was a scholar in the classics, he took a keen interest in sports because he believed that the purpose of education is the development of sound minds and sound bodies.
Burman attended SJCS in 1889 and later graduated from the College. He joined the teaching staff in 1902 and was appointed Deputy Headmaster in 1913. He became Headmaster in 1924 and remained in that capacity until 1946 when he resigned. He died in 1948 at the age of 68.

Burman is remembered for many things but most specifically, in the school’s history, he is known as the longest serving staff member. He served 44 years and was the only Headmaster in the history SJCS to be appointed Headmaster Emeritus.